Creating Wealth through Real Estate

Real estate in one of the most common investment among Indians. If you are in the market looking to buy an investment property, our team will help you to make more informed decisions. We understand the Indian Real Estate Market well and have the tools and resources to forecast the trends in price variations. We are well assisted by a Team of professionals who will analyse your unique requirement.

Real estate is a good long term investment. The preferable time horizon for real estate is four- seven years for it to deliver best returns and depending upon the location of the property. RBI has permitted Indians to invest in real estate overseas. This opens up an opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio to safer, stable & transparent markets.

Investing is all about spotting the right opportunity at the right time. Places where big infrastructure and industrial projects come up see rapid growth, ensuring good returns on property investment. We explore some markets with huge growth potential. We help our customers to make well informed, safe investments in India and other countries such as UK, US, Australia and Canada.

How We Work

Understanding You’re Objectives - Our specialists gain a thorough understanding of investors’ objectives and current assets. This enables us to help clients develop the right property-level and portfolio strategy.

Results in Timely and Personalized Advisory Service - Clients receive detailed analysis to support buy, hold and sell decisions and formulate real estate investment plans. Our agents’ real-time market knowledge is combined with leading research as the basis of our advisory services.

Deliver Informed Decisions and Winning Strategies - Clients utilize our advisory and consulting services to formulate buy-sell decisions, analyze markets, shape long-term portfolio strategies, evaluate development or redevelopment options and optimize returns during the holding period of properties.

Some Tips for Investing in Properties

Houses or Shops - The choice between residential and commercial properties depends on availability of money and your investment objective. Commercial properties generate regular income through rentals (8-10 percent of the property value annually), while residential properties offer more appreciation benefits.

Apartment or Land - Any developer will tell you how land prices are skyrocketing. Investing in land is always good for long-term investment, especially when you want to avoid maintenance costs.

Loan for Investment - Does it make sense to buy a property on loan with interest rate of around 12% per annum? Annual rental income from residential properties is 3-5% of the property value. When you are borrowing money to invest in homes, your total return (rental plus appreciation) should exceed the interest that you are paying.

Appreciation prospect - The price of a property appreciates based on factors such as infrastructure development, local economy, availability of land and connectivity. If there is a boom in the local economy and commercial development goes up, demand for both residential and commercial properties will reflect the trend.

Location is vital - On the outskirts of the city or in the 2nd or 3rd tier cities where development is expected to result in strong real estate prices.

Investing in equity shares - Investing in equity shares of a real estate companies can be rewarding if well timed, however, the volatility is significantly higher considering that real estate stocks are normally high beta stocks.

Exit Strategy - When you invest in a property, you also need to exit to realise the gains made through its appreciation. You must have a clear investment objective before you put your savings in a house or any commercial property. You must be clear on your investment tenure as it takes time to find a buyer who is willing to offer a good price.

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